Roof Styles

These are our most popular style of carports. The standing seams on roof panels go from end to end, which will allow all fluids to travel to either chosen end. This roof style does have a 6 inch overhang on the ends.

Want something more stylish? The A-Frame Horizontal comes with Gable Roof shape, which creates a overhang of 6 inches all around.

Trying to protect from snow or debris? A-Frame Verticals are the best option for easy maintenance and for snow/debris removal.

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Price Sheets

Tint for interior of sheet metal may vary slightly. If single color is desired please notify when placing order. Charges may apply.

A) Roof Length

The roof length will vary from building to building. Round and A-Frame Horizontal buildings have a 6 inch overhang on both ends. All A-frame Vertical buildings are flush with the length of baserails.

B) Baserail Length

The length of the entire baserail. The longest single baserail that we manufacture is 25 feet long.

C) Clearance Height

Clearance of the inside of the building, measuring from foundation to truss.

D) Width

This measurement is taken from outside to outside of baserail.

E) Eave Height

Height of the total measurement of the leg/post connected to the baserail. The total measurement is going to include the height of the baserail and the leg/post.

F) Peak Height

Height of the building at its highest point. This measurement is to be taken from the outside.

Customer Testimonials

Just wanted to thank you guys for doing a fantastic job. The installers were in and out. They made sure everything was done right before heading out. I’m very pleased with my new garage. Keep up the good work! – Glass

Guys came did a fantastic job. Worked fast and efficiently. Wanted to thank you personally nice doing business with you. – Frank

Thank you very much, the guys did a great job. Very nice and very fast! Thank you again! – Dennis

Office Hours

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Site Preparation

Site preparation is very important for a good installation. As a reminder we are not responsible for any site prep. Below are a few steps that will help with building install:

Check for underground lines, where anchoring will take place.

Land must be squared and leveled. Call for more details.

Minimum workspace of 2 ft around entire structure.

When overhead power lines are involved, a minimum of 10 ft is needed or power lines must be completely shut off.